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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Not Dead

Hello to those of you still dropping by now and then! I've been working on some projects outside of the virtual world. While I was still posting here, I realized I was writing about crime more and more. So, I created a crime blog that's more focused than this one. I'll be back for occasional rants on society, but if you're interested in my adventures as a crime analyst, please come by for roll call at Crime and Crooks.

Crooks are filthy bastards. Learn their tricks and protect yourself!


Lizzie said...

I'm not dead either! I'm just getting back to checking out my favourite blogs...this being one, of course.

the food inspector said...

I still think you're dead... congrats on your projects and on crime and crooks. I'll be stoping by for sure. Sounds like you've been having too much fun... slow down.

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