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Saturday, September 1, 2007


Warning, this post is so far out there it doesn't even register on the outer limits of the UltraJam common sense-o-meter. What's this about Leona Helmsley's will? The Queen of Mean died last week and left $12 million to the dog? The beneficiary, who shall be known as "Trouble" from here on (that really is his name) is apparently quite accustomed to living large. The Maltese wears a diamond collar and designer clothes.

I guess this kind of dog bling needs maintenance money, but for real now, $12 million? That's just obscene. Imagine all the struggling families who could be pulled off the bankruptcy cliff with just fractions of that amount. Ugh. Do the brains of the astronomically rich begin to marinade in fantasy juice after a certain net worth? I just don't understand it.

Others who might feel my pain are a few of Leona's grandchildren who were passed over financially for 'reasons known to them'. Ouch! I do wonder, though, what it was like having a grandmother dubbed, "the meanest woman in history" by Donald Trump. Hey, I respect family dynamics. I'm not in a position to judge from the outside looking in. But still! A dog? To be fair, Helmsley did leave billions to charity. But it still seems whack that two remaining grand kids get $5 million each and the dog barks off with $12 million.

Leona, look down or up depending on where you are and make some sense out of this for us 'little people who pay taxes'. Remember when she allegedly said that? I guess Trouble got a modest amount considering she was worth some $3 billion when she died. All the same, he better watch his back.


Morgan said...

Cat - I, too, was amazed at her division of the estate and I echo the same feelings as you. She also left a gajillion dollars for the upkeep of her mausoleum. Wonder who got that piece of cake?
As to the dog. Who gets the remainder of his/her estate - you know it won't go to 'good works' i.e. or relatives that were ousted from inheriting anything.
As to whether she's looking up or down - it doesn't matter as the bitch didn't have eyes to see clearly while she was alive.
The whole thing is a travesty and a crime.

Cat said...

Hi Morgan - right, the mausoleum to be kept in 'pristene condition'. How interesting her remains should matter so much to her after death. You make a great point about clear vision! I read she evicted her daughter-in-law after her son's death and threw her invalid mom out of another property, too. Wicked lady from where I sit.

the food inspector said...

As soon as I find out where that dog lives...

Cat said...

You'll have to beat me to him, Inspector! Or maybe we should broker a deal between us...

the food inspector said...

I wonder if we can unite with the maid that is trying to sue the dog?

O.K, here is the plan cat;

We use you as bait(just like your fish)and we get as close as to that troubled dog as we can, then we provoke it to bite you or chase you or scare you or.... you get the picture.

Then before you can say 12 million dollars (backwards) we can sue that dog for everything he has.

Genius, I know.

Yes, we can split 5o/50.

Cat said...

Deal. I say we cut the maid out. I also regret to inform you it won't be an even split. It's my hide that's up for the biting. Well, on second thought, as long as I get the dog's designer clothes, I guess we can call it even. Meow.

Jay Cam said...

lol i read about that! that's one lucky dog!!

diego said...

No problem. Are you confused as to why you're the bait for the dog Cat?
(pun intended if present)

I guess tracking down the dog would be the hardest part seeing that it probably gets escorted in high security trucks during the night.

Think... think...

-the food inspector

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