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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Warren Jeffs' Alter Ego

Warren Jeffs. Where to begin? He is so offensive and absolutely disturbing on so many levels that I feel justified picking on any aspect of him. Besides my utter contempt for the man behind the milk toast face, his physicality irks me as well. I noticed while watching courtroom coverage today how he slides across the floor, so stiff and pale and gangly; someone who looks like they probably spit when they talk and smell bad. I normally don't criticize appearance, but there's something about Warren Jeffs's being that makes my neck prickle.

Aside from the dastardly deeds he's committed with young girls and women, in addition to the injustices he's enacted against young boys and men, beyond the blasphemy against religion he's guilty of, his evil has covered him from the inside out. Even though he's so slight it looks like I could take him down single-handed, he still looks dangerous in a sly and ruthless way.

This funk of his reminds me of an evil character I saw in the movie "Pan's Labyrinth". These are pictures of him. His name was Pale Male and he loved eating little children. Pale Male wasn't outright with his evil; he was manipulative and deceptive first, then extremely cruel. He lured hungry kids with a fabulous feast, stayed calm and still as they explored and then killed them as soon as they were comfortable to eat. This is exactly who Warren Jeffs morphs into when I see him on the news. Besides the physical similarities (clothed and naked, I bet), Jeffs is a puppet master, too. And a heartless one.

With all the prophetizing he's done, I wonder if he's contemplated his own judgement day. He knows he's not the prophet. He's smarter than that. Well, he might not have to wait too much longer to get a sneak peak. Inmates often have special ways to welcome sex offenders into the fold (no pun intended, honest), especially those who have assaulted children. Bye bye, Warren. Watch out for Pale Male.


the food inspector said...

You take Jeff, I'll take Pale Male any time any day.... at basketball...

What's interesting is the fact that so many people still support him. Consider that girl's honeymoon photos where she's smiling as if she's in some kind of zombie state of repression.(Utah)

finally her husband, the actual rapist, is being put on trial and no doubt he'll be 100% guilty. Unless O.J. can give him some tips.

Poor Pale Male... Warren Jeff will probably force him to marry Larry Craig.(when he goes to prison for being gay)

-the food inspector

Cat said...

Pale Male playing basketball...now that's a sight.

Lisa McGlaun said...

Pale Male creeps me out. I remember he was the strangest and scariest thing about that movie. Still makes me cringe.


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